Share capital development

The following table sets forth the changes in Handicare’s share capital

YearTransactionChange in number of sharesChange in share capitalTotal share (in EUR, unless otherwise noted)Total number of shares
2014SEK 50,00050,000
2015Change in accounting currency5227,2750,000
2015New share issue20,215,277.480050,002
1/1 20175,277.480050,002
2017Bonus issue47,497.5252,775,050,002
2017Share split38,254,19852,775.038,304,200
2017Bonus issue 1)168,646232.3653,007.438,472,846
2017Share issue in-kind 1)2,345,6863,231.8562,213.045,154,314
2017Share issue in-kind 2)6,681,4689,205.6365,444.847,500,000
2017New share issue as part of the Offering 3)11,439,00015,760.5081,205.358,939,000

1)Transfer of Group management’s shareholdings
2)See “Certain changes to the share capital structure in connection with the Offering”
3)See “Issue of new share in connection with the Offering”