Diversity and equal opportunities

Our goal is to be an inclusive workplace. It is important for us to provide provide equal conditions for everyone and have a high percentage of satisfied employees. the same preconditions irrespective of ethnicity, national origin, skin colour, language, religion or lifestyle. We will work to achieve an even gender distribution; the proportion between genders will be 40/60 percent or even more equitable.

Handicare works actively to achieve an even gender distribution in the Group. Opportunities for further development, training and careers are gender-neutral. The number of women in Group management and its direct reporting was 35 percent women as of 31 December 2018. In the Group, a total of 27 percent of employees are women.

Handicare’s personnel policy is based on equal pay for equal work, which means that, all other factors being equal, men and women receive the same pay. In the Group, we have various policies to promote equality and equal treatment in relation to recruitment and remuneration.

Employees’ working terms and conditions

We offer a safe and healthy workplace and endeavour to continuously improve it. We focus on preventive measures to ensure that the number of work-related accidents leading to an absence from work is zero. Our production units have local goals based on their top three health and safety topics. Eight workplace-related accidents resulting in at least one day of absence from work were reported in 2018. A further 14 minor incidents occurred. We work to continuously improve the workplace environment and learn from the incidents and accidents that have occurred by analysing them and then implementing measures to prevent them from occurring in the future.