Supply chain ethics

Our long-term goal is to establish sustainable relations with suppliers who meet the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Global network of suppliers

Handicare has a global network of approximately 1,000 suppliers, divided into five categories:

-product-related suppliers;
-suppliers of complete products (for example, floor lifts);
-suppliers unrelated to products (for example, cleaning services);
-Group-internal suppliers; and
-not classified (for example, single purchases less than EUR 50,000)

Purchases from the first two categories fall within the framework of Handicare’s purchase policy, which also includes our Code of Conduct for suppliers. The Code of Conduct is based on ethical, societal and environmental topics and describes our expectations in terms of anticorruption and ethics; labour standards and human rights; and the environment.

Close and long-term relationships

Handicare has close, long-term relations with most of our suppliers and our assessment is that the risk of human rights violations among our suppliers is low, but to ensure that they understand our Code of Conduct and the importance of our expectations, the goal is for all of our product-related suppliers to sign the Code of Conduct.

Code of conduct and self-assessment

Our goal is that all our product-related suppliers should undertake to comply with the supplier Code of Conduct. During 2019, we will encourage all product-related suppliers to perform self-assessments according to our model. If we uncover deviations in the self-assessments, we will establish an action plan together with the supplier to bring their performance to the level we expect from our suppliers.


Transparency around how we work with suppliers is important and all standards and documents are published on our website.