Sustainable materials and chemicals

Sustainable materials

One of our extended goals is to develop long-term sustainable products. In 2018, we collaborated with the University of Guelph in Canada to evaluate which part of plastics we use can be replaced with material from renewable raw goods. In 2019, we will produce a cover in biomaterial for the C-series ceiling lift motor. The cover will be tested according to the relevant regulations and will go into production if it meets the requirements and tests that the market demands. During 2019, we will evaluate if there is more material we can replace with bioplastic, including packaging material.

We are implementing a new manual for research and development, which includes both sustainable material and a list of material that is not to be used. The goal is for 80 percent of the material used in our products to be sustainable by 2030.

Assess total environmental impact

During 2019, we will perform a product life cycle analysis on our mobile lifts to assess their total environmental impact. Another goal that we want to achieve no later than 2030 is for the next generation of products to use 50 percent less energy during use, as compared with the 2017 product line. This mainly pertains to our stairlifts, ceiling lift systems and mobile lifts and is implemented in our global product development process.