Community engagement

To Handicare, it goes without saying that we will reach out and get involved in activities and organizations that provide support and assistance. We want to do so locally and therefore allow our individual subsidiaries to decide how they want to contribute. Here are some examples.

Social Responsibility in the Netherlands

The production department in Heerhugowaard hires three to four people on average from the organization Proverpakken & Ontwikkelen. This organization offers jobs to people experiencing the most difficulty in the job market due to various disabilities. These employees have the chance to feel like active participants in working life, and they are offered tools to reach their full potential.

Charity work in the UK

Handicare UK has not been able to be as active as in past years due to the Covid- 19 situation. However some examples that have still been implemented are:

  •  “Pyjama Day” for Age UK
  • “The Handichoir,” which collects funds to benefit the NHS

Charity work in Canada

In Canada, Handicare has contributed to the following organizations:

  • The Trillium Foundation donates where the need is greatest and sponsors new technology, groundbreaking research, facility upgrades and more.
  • The Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation collects funds to cover operating costs for the Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care.
  • Shepherd Village is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the changing physical and social needs of the elderly through quality health care and compas- sionate service.
  • The Brenda Stafford Foundation is involved in several projects to promote innovation in the health and well-being of the elderly.
  • The Broadmead Charity contributes to the Broadmead Care Society for equip- ment and initiatives to support care and comfort for military veterans, the elderly and disabled adults who live in Broadmead Care facilities.