Making everyday life easier

Our mission and our core values define who we are as a company. They tells us about what is important to us and perhaps more important than anything else, our values influence everything we do. They reflect our corporate culture and help us achieve our goals. They set the framework for what is allowed in the organization. They are something everyone should be encouraged to live by and the values will help us to stay focused.

Core values

Integrity – Our colleagues, customers and business partners can always rely on us to keep our promises and to act in accordance with Handicare’s values.

Commitment – In order to reach our common goals, we evaluate our decisions carefully and support them wholeheartedly.

Respect – We regard all people as individuals and value all lives equally. We respect the personal beliefs, cultures and opinions of our customers, business partners and colleagues.

Open to change – We are always open to new challenges, solutions, methods and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Passion – We nurture an enthusiastic community spirit, and create an enjoyable working atmosphere