Our key sustainability topics

Sustainability is integrated into Handicare’s work practices. We have identified several areas that are important to operating sustainably and responsibly. Our products improve peoples’ quality of life and enable them to stay at home longer. Our solutions reduce the risk of work-related injuries to care providers, and our vehicle conversions enable disabled people to live more active lives. We endeavor to make everyday life easier for the people with whom we collaborate throughout our value chain, and we assume environmental, social and financial responsibility wherever we operate.

Handicare is attentive to the expectations of others as well as its stakeholders’ needs; our sustainability efforts are based on a stakeholder survey conducted in 2017.

Our most important stakeholders participated in the survey. These are the groups most affected by or with the greatest impact on our operations: customers, employees, owners, suppliers and society.

The important issues reflect the issues given highest priority by the stakeholders as well as the sustainability issues that are collectively most important to Handicare when it comes to business strategy and competitiveness.

The Group’s management used the stakeholder analysis to develop sustainability goals organized into a framework featuring focus areas. These are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and are considered essential for long-term success in sustainable development and growth.

In autumn 2020, Handicare initiated a process to follow up on the comprehensive materiality analysis that was completed in 2017, in order to ensure that the operations’ sustainability efforts were still focusing on the right things. The results showed that no major changes have taken place since 2017. However, there is also an interesting difference — energy consumption in Handicare’s value was one of the five most important issues for both internal and external stakeholders. This issue will be included for management in the Planet target area.