Financial objectives

The Board of directors has approved on the following financial objectives. Handicare has not defined by reference to specific periods the term “medium term”, and the financial and operational objectives below are not to be read as indicating that Handicare is targeting or expecting such metrics in respect of any particular financial year.

  • Growth – Handicare aims to achieve average annual growth of 10 percent, of which 4-6 percent organically, in the medium term
  • Adjusted EBITA margin – Handicare aims to achieve an adjusted EBITA margin exceeding 12 percent in the medium term
  • Capital structure – Handicare aims to maintain a capital structure that enables a high degree of financial flexibility and allows for acquisitions. Handicare targets a leverage ratio of approximately 2.5x net debt / LTM (last twelve months) Adjusted EBITDA, subject to flexibility for strategic activities.
  • Dividend policy – Handicare aims to pay an annual dividend corresponding to 30-50 percent of the net profit for the period. The pay-out decision will be based on the Company’s financial position, investment needs, acquisition opportunities and liquidity position